What is Mindful Project Management?

Mindful Project Management is a framework conceptualized and developed as a culmination of my Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) research thesis through the University of Liverpool combined with my 25+ years experience managing complex projects.

My project leadership experience includes military construction projects and large new hospital projects with several projects over $1B USD in scope. I have leadership experience with projects in the United States, Asia, and Middle East. My education also includes a Masters of Project Management degree.


Mindful Project Management can be depicted as having a base of technical project management skills supported by leadership oversight through a structure adopting principles from high reliability. The five mindful infrastructure pillars adopt principles largely from the research of Karl Weick and Kathleen Sutcliffe. A good starting point for their research is their Managing the Unexpected books (2001, 2007, 2015).  A simplified depiction is:

MPM Base pic

The Mindful Project Management framework serves as advanced management skills to develop strong decision making and improve managing the unexpected on complex projects which inevitably happen under conditions of uncertainty.


This is an example of how the Mindful Project Management framework can be structured for increased performance on complex projects. In this example, each of the components are tied directly to a key principle of having a mindful infrastructure. As all projects are unique, the Mindful Project Management framework can be tailored to your project’s specific needs.

MPM components

Purpose of this Website

I established this website to provide general material and information for leaders to better understand and manage project complexity. In addition to regular articles, a podcast is being planned with an expected debut by August 2016.

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